It is a long hot summer, but HAG has still been busy fighting all the proposed developments in Hampsthwaite on many fronts and with lots of help from many residents


Two applications, one with fewer houses (80 against 130) has been turned down by HBC. Two appeals have been lodged. We won the first one with the Inspector quoting from our evidence!

We are waiting for the date of the second appeal and our evidence has been submitted. Thanks to all the residents who once again took the trouble to lodge their objections.

The advice we sought from a landscape consultant throws doubt on the developer’s evidence.


Although outline planning was approved by HBC we felt the process was rushed through as the planning officer for this site was leaving HBC. Because of this, several “reserved matters” were attached to the approval. We have been working hard with the help of local residents to show that as these matters have not been addressed full planning should not be given. We have particularly emphasised the drainage issues and the public right of way that is shown in the wrong place.


We have continued to challenge the developer on many issues causing them delay and expense whilst building a strong case for the proposal to be refused. We have taken professional advice from consultants to help make our case. The evidence we have submitted shows the weakness of the developer’s application.

Again with lots of help from residents we have raised the question of nesting curlews and lapwings forcing further delays.

We arranged a photo shoot showing how dangerous the path to the site is between Manor House Farm and Sunnyside cottage, for parents with pushchairs and children as buses and traffic round the bend. The developers say there is no problem yet the footpath is only 1.3m wide. More houses will increase traffic and pedestrians considerably.

We have submitted petitions from walkers and cyclists objecting to the destruction of the views from Clint Bank and the churchyard and the loss of landscape adjoining the AONB and the conservation area.


We are certainly winning the argument here – the Environment Agency has backed our submission about flooding and recommended refusal.

We have had meetings with our Councillor Michael Harrison, who has promised to support our objections and will lobby other Councillors to support us.

I hope you will agree that whatever the outcomes we are putting up a fight and not letting the developers pull the wool over the eyes of HBC. It is pleasing to note that HAG is now recognised by various authorities (The Planning Inspector, Yorkshire Water, The Environment agency) as a credible source of information and they have quoted from our reports.

Money raised so far has been spent on professional help, planning consultants and barristers, we will still need more, so please support our fund-raising events.

An “auction of promises” & wine tasting evening in the Memorial Hall raised almost £1500, many thanks to Carolyn and her team.


A very special evening with Ken Scott, a resident of Hampsthwaite. He was responsible for recording many well-known artists such as the Beatles, David Bowie and Elton John at Abbey Road and in California. Ken will tell us about his experiences working with these famous stars & play some of the original vinyls.

Date: Friday 7th September at 1930 in the Memorial Hall-watch out for more details

Also, an evening of horse racing and a flutter, in the Memorial Hall. TBA

Finally-we will hold an action group meeting in September to keep everyone informed about the latest developments.