Xmas Newsletter – December 17th 2017

The final newsletter for this year.

It has certainly been hectic since we started in August but with your support we have achieved a lot.

From meetings, delivering flyers, submitting objections or fundraising everyone has made a difference.

We have one major victory, the refusal of the planning application for HM 4&5 (Rowden Lane). There may well be an appeal but that is another day.

Plus, as a result of the hard work done by John Fairfoot and Jeff Paris, who prepared a report on the Church Lane planning application challenging the developers water/flooding consultant: Surface Property – Mike Wickens the HBC Senior Land Drainage Engineer in Planning & Development has reported back:

The Flood Risk Assessment prepared by Surface Property appears to play down the significant flooding that occurred on the application site as recently as 2015, details showing the impact of past flooding events on the site is evidenced in the Hampsthwaite Action Group report dated December 2017. Additionally, the FRA appears to place a high level of emphasis on property level resilience measures to protect the new properties should flooding events occur in the future, and little weight to the sequential and exemption tests. If permission is granted for the construction of domestic dwellings in an area of land that is essentially functional flood plain, it could set a precedent for future development within flood zones 3a & 3b. Consequently, I am unable to support this application.

However, planning applications are still coming in thick and fast so there is still a lot of work to be done.

Those applications currently pending are:

NEW!        17/05039/OUT                        5 dwellings on Hollins Lane, with access considered

17/04923/OUTMAJ                                 82 dwellings + medical centre on Birstwith Road

17/04924/FUL                                          5 dwellings with public parking on Church Lane

AMENDED    17/01597/OUTMAJ          39 dwellings at Brookfield Garth

The quickest way to object is via email: planningcomments@harrogate.gov.uk

Stating the reference, your name & address

Please make sure that you get your objections in before Christmas.

Last week the full council passed, with only six votes against, the proposed local plan, each councillor carefully saying they didn’t support the sites in their Ward, but they did support the plan.  See our Facebook page – Dennis Kaye from Preserve Crimple Valley says it all!!

Next year we have another opportunity to challenge the plan before it goes to the government inspector.

Have a good Christmas and please support us again next year to defend our village and way of life against greedy developers and local landowners.