Newsletter No 7 Sept 30th 2017


Well done everyone for turning out in such numbers to show Sir James what we thought about his plans. The protest and counter presentation was a huge success, so much so that LD planning who organised the event for Sir James said “we have never witnessed anything like this before at one of our consultation events”

If you have any pictures of the event or can let us know what questions you asked and what answers you received we would like to hear from you so that we can keep a record.


We have had success in getting the consultation time extended for HM4 & 5 until October 6th, so if you haven’t objected already there is still time, as before everyone counts, don’t do Mr & Mrs, do two individuals. So far over 100 paper objections have been delivered and there are about 50 on-line. Paper forms at the PO or Sophie’s, complete the form and we will submit them for you.

The portal is hard to navigate so emails are the best way if you want to object online. Email:

quoting reference 17/03437/OUTMAJ together with your name & address.

The next challenge is to object again when Sir James submits his planning application for HM 9 and the paddock.


Whilst waiting for Sir James to submit his planning application we will be consulting with barristers about submitting a legal challenge to question HBC’s figures and process. Did you find the portal easy to use? Could you view the associated documents?

We are also embarking on creating a Neighbourhood plan; this is a complex process but is vital if we are to challenge HBC further down the line. In it, we the villagers say how we want our village to develop. You will all be asked to contribute to this. It is a huge task and very expensive, but the PC has agreed to undertake this challenge, funding can be obtained from government grants.

Funding all these initiatives is very costly and whilst we have had some very generous contributions we will still need more, so please give what you can to help save our village.

Collecting boxes are in the PO & Sophie’s, cheques and larger donations can be lodged with the PC.

We recently undertook a traffic survey, organised by Dale Watler to create our own database which we can use to challenge any HBC or developer’s figures. Thanks to Dale and all his volunteers.

And Finally …

Tractorgate! If anything else was needed to motivate villagers against greedy developers this was it- over 900 hits on our Facebook page!