Newsletter No 8  20th November 2017

The main focus recently has been to question the Harrogate District plan and make representation to the council. The draft revised plan was published a couple of weeks ago and there has been a cabinet & a committee meeting at which we were represented and submitted questions.

We have joined forces with the other action groups in West Harrogate to pool resources and show a united front. Several questions were submitted jointly by the combined group. These questions and the council response are on this website.

Our strategy is to lobby councillors and challenge HBC’s numbers particularly in view of the Government white paper which suggests a much smaller number for the District and a formula for villages which would greatly reduce the number of houses required in Hampsthwaite.

In our village:

HM9 is in the district plan but with a reduced number (78 down from 101)

A planning application has gone in today from the Aykroyd trustees for 82 houses, medical centre & parking.  There has been no provision for social housing. We will be organising a house to house campaign to object.


HM4 &5 are not included in the district plan but planning permission was sought for 130 houses and we are waiting for a recommendation from the planning officer.

STOP PRESS- Just heard this morning that this application will be discussed on 28th November at a planning meeting: the planning officer has recommended REFUSAL!

HM7 is still pending after the planners asked for the number to be reduced.

Church Lane– A planning application has been submitted for five houses on the flood plain, if you want to object to this go on to the portal , with  pictures of past flooding if possible.


The closing date is 22nd December.

The full Council will debate the District plan on the 13th December (5.30pm – Crescent Gardens) and the public are invited. We should, along with other groups, put on a good show so please put this date in your diary and come along to support us.

After this meeting the document will go out in the New Year for public consultation when we will all have another chance to object before it goes to a government inspector for approval.

Fund raising – We are using all our resources to challenge numbers and process but if the council refuse to accept our arguments a legal challenge will be necessary.

Several events have been organised to raise funds,

A coffee morning and Christmas fair held a week ago raised over £1400

A bridge afternoon is to be held in the Memorial Hall on 27th November

(details from Thea Pretty –

A photography competition is to be held in the New Year

A day at Sophie’s, also in the New Year, with all takings going to the fund.

Please think of your own ideas to raise money or make a donation, collecting boxes are in the PO and Sophie’s. Cheques should be made out to Hampsthwaite Parish Council.

Finally we have produced a Calendar with lots of pictures of Hampsthwaite as it is now, only £7.50 at the PO and Sophie’s, great Christmas presents and it supports our cause, please buy a few before they all go!

Car stickers for £1 also available.