outside the council offices

Newsletter number 5                                                                                      29th August 2017

End of first phase
We delivered our petition to Harrogate Borough Council on Friday with 544 signatures objecting to increased housing in our village.
You’ll find pictures on our Facebook page and the Gallery page of this website
We also took a further 44 written objections making a grand total of 205 hand delivered, this is in addition to the 200 plus already on the portal and any that were emailed.
What a great effort-well done everybody, they certainly cannot say nobody cares!
Did you see our amazing press coverage? Huge thanks to Margaret Blakemore for co-ordinating this.
A double page spread in the Advertiser, a page on the online Harrogate Informer, a good column in the Yorkshire Post and an interview on Radio York. All reporting on Hampsthwaite!
Tomorrow – 30th August – there will be an item on Stray FM morning bulletins.
Our next task is to object to Brookfield Garth (Ref: 17/01597/OUTMAJ) before the closing date on 27th September
We now also understand that planning permission has gone in for the Rowden Lane sites (HM4 & HM5), so that will be our next challenge. Please keep an eye out for this on the council’s website but we will alert you when this goes up.
Representatives of the Parish Council and the Action group are meeting our MP Andrew Jones this week.
If you haven’t already done so, please write to Andrew Jones, Michael Harrison and of course Sir James Aykroyd.
Everything counts in the end; they cannot say there was no objection.
Another meeting of the Action Group will be called soon to discuss our future plan.