Get your objections in before August 25th

This is our first newsletter to all those people who registered at the Memorial Hall meeting, to let you know what progress the Action Group has achieved so far and to keep you informed as our campaign goes on. The action group committee had its first meeting last Monday and will meet regularly from now on.

Of all the actions we can take, our advice is that the quantity of objections will be one of the main factors that will influence the planners. To date only 35 comments have been received by HBC. Please make sure that all your family object, all your friends and neighbours object, we need at least 200 objections! Over the next few days our willing volunteers will be delivering an HBC comments form to every house in the village and some advice on possible objections. If you do not want to use the HBC on-line service this will make it easy for you. The forms can be left at the village PO or Sophie’s and we will make sure they all get to HBC.

We only have one chance to stop this additional site being allocated

The PO and Sophie’s also have comments forms as well as a petition that we can send to the landowner and other interested parties. Please call in and sign.

There will also be sessions at the memorial hall if you would like help submitting your objections online. Bring your own laptop or use the ones provided.

These sessions are: -Friday 18th August, 1000-1200 & 1700 -1900. Saturday 19th August, 1000-1200

This weekend we will be putting up poster boards at every entrance to the village and around the village. They must be on private property so please volunteer your garden especially if it is in a prominent position.

Curlews have been seen nesting in the field HM9, environmental issues are more powerful as objections than infrastructure. If you are or know of a local birdwatcher who may have evidence of the curlews here please get in touch.

A web site is being created and a Facebook page to keep everyone informed, we hope to have them up soon.

If you have any ideas or useful information , or any questions please let us know.