August 22nd 2017

The Final countdown; but we have done so much! As of today, over 500 people have signed the petition and more than 290 people have registered their objections through one of our many sites.

Well done everyone and a special thanks to the Post Office and Sophie’s for persuading so many people how important this part of Hampsthwaite is. Thanks also to the leafleteers, those who manned the barricades on a very wet Saturday and Geoff for setting up an online opportunity in the Memorial Hall.

The petition will be presented to HBC at 12.00 on Friday 25th August at Crescent Gardens.

Please try and be there, let’s show them once more the strength of feeling – bring your friends!

The Harrogate Advertiser sent out a photographer on Monday to take shots outside Sophie’s and we are keeping all the local media informed. Keep a look out in this week’s Harrogate Advertiser, where there should be an article and pictures!

A planning consultant has been engaged, he is working on an objection against HM9 for Friday and will then concentrate on a legal challenge to the methodology of HBC, why so many new homes are required and in particular why they have to be built in a village.

We are now liaising with other local protest groups and a meeting is being arranged to see how we can help each other, one area would be funding a legal challenge.

Collecting boxes are now in the PO and Sophie’s. We have already received donations at the Post Office. if you can help with a donation that would be greatly appreciated. If your donation is too big for the box you can write a cheque to the Hampsthwaite Parish Council.

After this week, we will pause and take stock of where we are and what to do next. We will keep you informed and call meetings when we have something to put to you for discussion.

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